2019 Is The Year Of The Entrepreneur!

2019 Is The Year Of The Entrepreneur!


ML News: 2019 Is The Year Of The Entrepreneur! 

It’s Sunday afternoon and we have “NEWS” for you!!!

We are focusing our efforts on supporting Entrepreneurs and those seeking to create a quality of life through expressing their dreams to the world. Our first focus starts with the Entrepreneur Life Group that begins on January 24, 2019! This group is a place for community, networking and support in your journey as an amazing Entrepreneur. Whether you are just starting off or seeking another stream of income or simply want ideas to try in the new year, the Entrepreneur Life Group is a great place to start! https://michelleleann.com/Entrepreneur-Life-Group


Along with the Entrepreneur Life Group, we have E2 = Entrepreneur Empowerment coaching which focuses on key factors that revolve around the Entrepreneurial Journey. We have many E2 sessions to choose from along with bundles and a blitz option. All of the details can be found on the E2 page, https://michelleleann.com/E2

We also created an E2 Express Online shopping experience for Entrepreneurs! It’s a place with clothing and accessories for the trendy and stylish Entrepreneur. With great items and great prices, we can all “lead” with style! In the Entrepreneur Life Group, you will learn how to build your own online store and promote it to your social media network. We will also go over how to build several social media platforms and get followers! You can check out our collection here >>> https://e2expressonline.com/collections/all

Lastly, we have revamped our ML Hosting site to better serve you and assist in helping you make a splash online through getting your own website, blog site, shopping cart and more. Along with providing economical pricing, we teach you how to manage your website and get your VISION out to the world. This also comes with graphic development with quality work provided by Designer Raymond Keys! The icing on the cake is we provide you with 24/7 customer service 480-624-2500. Check out Michelle LeAnn Hosting, TODAY and make your online presence known https://www.michelleleannhosting.com !


Thank you for checking out our ML News for 2019. The Year Of The Entrepreneur! Your dreams MATTER!!!


Until Next Time, Always Remember, YOU MATTER!


~Michelle LeAnn, Founder| Coach| Entrepreneur Friend

P.S. Read More Blog Posts HERE >> https://e2expressonline.com/blogs/news

P.P.S. I cannot wait to work with you as you build your amazing dreams and make them a reality!!!!!



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