2020 Innovative Entrepreneur

2020 Innovative Entrepreneur

Do you see yourself as an Innovative Entrepreneur? Let’s start by defining innovative. According to dictionary.com, an innovative person is someone who introduces new ideas and someone who is original and creative in thinking. That means that an Innovative Entrepreneur is someone who introduces new ideas and have original and creative thinking. I think that if you are reading this right now, that description sums you up perfectly. Here’s some encouragement as you continue your journey as an Innovative Entrepreneur.

Your Ideas Are Amazing

Yeah, I said it. Your ideas are amazing and the world is waiting for you to unfold your brilliance in your products and services. You have what it takes to change the world around you. Someone is waiting for your idea to pop up on the market, in stores, on social media and in the news. Just like each blog I write or product I release, there is someone waiting to enjoy all that I have to offer. Never take your ideas for granted, they are a gift to you to share with the world. That means the way you think and process things are unique and also needed.

Your Thought Process & Creativity Is Priceless

No one quite thinks the way you do. They may have similar thoughts, but you have the “juice, LOL!” You have the thoughts of a mastermind and the way you creatively put things together has its own rhythm and style. That’s why it is important to be authentically you, because “You Are Enough!” Below are a couple of ideas to keep you in the flow of celebrating yourself as you share with the world:

  1. Value your ideas, thoughts and creativity
  2. Keep an idea journal
  3. Expand on the ideas that keep you up at night
  4. Enjoy trying new ways of expressing a particular thought, process, product or service
  5. Surround yourself with other brilliant people that will continue to fan your innovative flame

This is definitely a journey worth taking and you are worth investing in. I’m officially one of your cheerleaders, so stay connected and keep an eye out for the next blog, “2020 Forward Thinking Entrepreneur!”

Until Next Time, Always Remember Your Vision Matters!

 ~Michelle LeAnn

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