2020 Life Sustaining Entrepreneurs

2020 Life Sustaining Entrepreneurs

Whoop Whoop, I am glad you are here for another dose of Entrepreneur Awesomeness! This blog is about Life Sustaining Entrepreneurs. These Entrepreneurs are in touch with how important they are to answering basic human needs. They understand that their contribution builds healthy families and communities. These two factors are foundational and commendable qualities.

The Two Factors:

One: Provide Employment for Families - Entrepreneurs create employment that contribute to stabilizing families. Families are foundational to communities and a well-balanced family makes the community strong. That’s why it is important for you as an Entrepreneur to know that you are needed and important.

Two: Embrace Human Basic Needs in Communities - Thinking about the basics of economics, it’s easy to see how Entrepreneurs jump in and calibrate the scale of supply and demand. As an Entrepreneur, you get the opportunity to supply the basic needs within local communities. This brings resources into the neighborhoods which in turn develops communities. These are all great qualities that Entrepreneurs bring to the table.

These two factors seem simple, however, they are life sustaining. Thank you for sustaining our communities with your Entrepreneurial Endeavors!

Until Next Time, Always Remember,

Your Ideas Matter!!

~Michelle LeAnn

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