3 Easy Ways To Create Multiple Streams of Income

3 Easy Ways To Create Multiple Streams of Income


Creating multiple streams of income has never been easier. You’d be surprised how creative you can be in the process of building your income to multiple streams. There are passive options, residual options as well as manual labor worth trying out. In here, I’ll go over a few you can do from home that are extremely easy and you can get started today.


  • No Startup Cost T-shirt Store
  • Tools You’ll Need:
    • Free Printful account + Free Gumroad Account = FREE T-shirt Store

Printful is an on-demand order fulfillment and warehousing service that fulfills and ships products including  clothing, accessories, and home & living items for online businesses. It's free to set up, and doesn't come with  monthly fees or minimum order requirements. CLICK HERE to start your FREE Printful account today.

Gumroad is a platform for you to sell you craft, product and or services. It even has a member component that allows you to process recurring payment to those that subscribe. They have a great FREE plan which I use for my products and membership offerings. CLICK HERE to check it out today.

  • Etsy is also a great marketplace to sell t-shirts and here’s 40 FREE listings to get you started!

Etsy connects people looking for unique goods with independent sellers around the world. It’s a cool place to list your custom items. It’s only .20cents/listing and a small processing fee approximately .63cents. Definitely worth  trying out. Here’s My Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/GiftsByMichelleLeAnn . To jumpstart your Etsy journey here’s the link to get 40 FREE listings, https://etsy.me/2ZDsox6 .

  • Another great way to market is on Social Media: Facebook, InstaGram, Pinterest and Twitter to name a few.
  • Design tool:

PicMonkey is where you create cool graphics, pics and even add text to your products. Let the creative side of you come out! ☺ This has a FREEeee trial as well. If you click off the payment part at the end, it will take you to the free package on the PicMonkey Home Page and then later ask you to  join and get more perks. CLICK HERE to get started designing today.

I’ve been using PicMonkey for years and it has cool features such as animation, background removal and options to put your designs in categories for easier retrieval.

  • Design Shortcut tools – Creative Fabrica This shortcut tool does cost, however, they run special often and you may catch one that is $1 for the first month then they offer monthly subscriptions. If you do not like designing or it takes too much of your time, simply choose POD at the top and it will show a ton of pod designs to use on your t-shirts. Click HERE to grab some cool print on demand designs for your t-shirt store.


  • Digital Download Business
  • Tools You’ll Need:
  • Market Places That Make Digital Downloading Easy

Gumroad as mentioned above is FREE to use and start selling today. You can post one of your custom templates, eBooks or manuals and make it an instant download right in Gumroad. Click HERE to get started with Gumroad right now.

Etsy is another platform that makes it easy to sell digital download products. Simply create your listing and choose digital as the format and it will allow you to attach it within the listing and it will be automatically made available to your customer as soon as they purchase it. To get you started, here is the link again for the 40 FREE Listings!

  • Ideas for digital downloads
    • Graphics
    • PDF Documents
    • Online Courses
    • eBooks
    • Downloadable Guides
    • Printable Journals & Notebooks
    • Printable Coloring Pages
    • Printable Games and Puzzles
    • Printable Log Books, Trackers & Planners
    • Templates
    • And much much more.


  • FREE Landing Page

As you are growing your income it is a great idea to create a landing page for people to easily find your products/service and social media pages. Here’s my primary landing page I created through flowcode, https://flow.page/incomeempowermentcircle . This easy to create landing page has links to a ton of my current services. It a great way to market yourself and expand your reach for getting new customers for each stream of income you create. At the bottom of my flow page you can click on FLOWPAGE and create your own for your new multiple streams of income venture. Make sure you comment a link to your flowpage when you complete it.

Creating a landing page saves you money on cost to build a website. A website is something you can build up to over time. Using the landing page option also gives you the freedom to leap out and get started today. While this is on your mind and you’re inspired to get going, go ahead and start today. Your ideas are worth it and there are those waiting to discover what you have to offer. You simply must put it on display.


This is only the beginning of endless options to create multiple streams of income. In my other blogs I go over affiliate marketing a many other incomes generating idea. If you’d like to join my Income Empowerment Circle, CLICK HERE to learn more about how you can start increasing your cashflow. Also, it’s always a great idea to continue to give back and also empower you on your income generating journey, so you can grab my FREE Monthly Budget Planner today.

It’s easy to follow and here are the details of what you’ll find:

  • 121 Pages 8.5x11
  • Instant Access / Instant Download
  • Yearly Summary Page
  • Monthly Budget Sheet
  • Weekly Expenses Sheets
  • Notes Section
  • Easy Usage & Tracking


Well, it was a joy to provide 3 easy ways to create multiple streams of income. I hope it was helpful and will help you get the ball to rolling in the right direction for your income. It’s always a pleasure to share! Leave your comments of projects you’ve started and your social media handles so I can follow your awesome development.

Until Next Time, Keep Going Forward!

Always Michelle LeAnn, Your Empowerment Coach & Friend



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