Are You Battling With Financial Stress?

Are You Battling With Financial Stress?

Money In Your Pocket

If you said, “yes!” Below you will find some free and very low cost resources to help you create a stream of income to lighten the load. I’ve been able to use a variety of free and low costs services that gives me a platform to marketing products and create an additional income source. Here are the top free and low cost resources that generate monthly cash; Printful, Etsy and Fiverr!


This is the on-demand printing and warehousing company that helps me turn my ideas into cool items to sell online. Printful does all the heavy lifting my providing the product, packing and shipping. I never touch the inventory and I have loads of satisfied customers to serve. I enjoy tuning my sayings into tshirts as well as helping others do the same with their ideas and their brand. The other cool feature includes the fact that it is absolutely FREE. You simply create, post and receive profits (they subtract all the production costs and send you the profit margin). The other cool thing is that you determine the profit margin according to the value set for your product. You can check out more information on the Printful website. CLICK HERE to get started with your designs today.

 Printful Start Selling Today


Etsy is a marketplace for people to showcase their handmade, vintage and print on demand goods. It only cost .20cents per item listed on their marketplace. However, this link will allow you to list your first 40 listings absolutely FREE! I decided to use etsy because it has an east integration to get my Printful items onto the Etsy platform with a few clicks of a button. You can grab your 40 free listings and get started today. CLICK HERE to start your Etsy journey and sell your Printful creations


Fiverr is a great place to outsource some of the design needs you may have as you start creating products on your new Etsy shop using Printful. I’ve used the service to create some of my designs to upload in Printful. I’ve also used their services to find freelancers that can create branded social media motivational content. Most of the services start at $5 and there is a quick turnaround. Click here to start your free account and browse the freelancers.

 Hire Freelancer With Fiverr

These ideas are a great start to creating another stream of income. It is easy, user friendly and has the potential to yield results in no time. If this blog has been helpful, make sure you follow on Social Media to grow your income with Michelle LeAnn, Your Entrepreneur Empowerment Coach and Friend.


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