Business In My Genes

Business In My Genes

Is business in your genes? I grew to understand, acknowledge and accept that business was in my “genes!” After many years of exploring, arguing, becoming comfortable and downright fearing success and the responsibility that comes along with it, I finally stepped into my truth as an Entrepreneur. My parents paved the way.

Coming from a background of parents who knew the journey of Entrepreneurship before it became popular, makes it an interesting journey of discovery. Was this really “my thing” or was I being a copycat of my parents? Was I groomed by association or was I born for this Entrepreneurial Venture? How about, just take a break and try the corporate track and be satisfied with consistent and dependable salaries which means less risk. After many years of fighting and figuring out who I was, it was apparent, I was made for this. I am equipped, empowered and elated to be an Entrepreneur. So much so, I decided to follow the path and become and Entrepreneur Empowerment Life Coach through my consulting company, Michelle LeAnn LLC. Therefore, Michelle LeAnn presents E2 = Entrepreneur Empowerment which is a combination of coaching, consulting and ecommerce!

Coaching and consulting opportunities are made available on my Michelle LeAnn E2 Courses Page and ecommerce on my E2 Express Online store. This combination has afforded many Entrepreneurs to take the Big Leap into multiple income streams. Many times we are one decision away from changing our current state to enter into our desired state. Once an Entrepreneur makes a decision to invest in their future through coaching and consulting, they begin to see various aspects of fulfilling their dreams. I invite them into an adventure of discovering the gold that is on the inside. I specialize in pulling the gold out of Entrepreneurs. Just like any expensive and beautiful painting, it is our responsibility to go through routine polishing to retain the value and allow it to shine brightly. Entrepreneurs are designed to shine brightly. I’ve created many opportunities for Entrepreneurs to shine, here are a few top sellers:

E2 Coaching Blitz

Your Business Plan

E2 Social Media Bundle

Each service helps in the developmental process of establishing wonderful ideas and bringing them to market. I started the journey in December of 2010. I saw a need and became the solution by opening my very first store called LeAnn Bookstore, LLC. Many years later, I ventured into another arena, refined my services and products and began consulting. It’s been a roller coaster of discovery and in order to make things easier for other Entrepreneurs, I took my greatest challenges and made them resources for others.

Check out the courses and services above and let me know if there are ways that I can assist you in taking the next steps in displaying your brilliance to the world.

Until Next Time, Always Remember, Your Ideas Matter!

Warmest Regards,

Michelle LeAnn, Founder | Consultant | Coach

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