Passive Income Entrepreneur

Passive Income Entrepreneur

Okay! Last week the blog was about my life being a “mood!” In writing that, I wanted to encourage you to enjoy the journey of the different moods that come along with navigating the waters of Entrepreneurship. It is worth every mood and being consistent while facing each challenging mood will set you apart from others. Your ideas matter and your plans will change as you continue to go through the trial and error part of discovering how to present your idea to the growing market of consumers. One story I love to share is how I was drafted into becoming a website designer which has turned into my most profitable and steady stream of income.

This story goes like this, I was in the middle of a consulting session with a new out of state client. During the conversation, I expressed my journey of building my website and making it marketable to my clients. In the process, she expressed the struggles she had with her current designer and insisted that I handle her designer concerns to gain rights to her website and begin unfolding her dream. I dove at the opportunity to turn one consulting visit into two paid ventures. That’s the opportunist Entrepreneur in me. However, at that moment, I did not know that this conversation would lead to expanding my means of doing business and creating a passive stream of income.

This stream of income was discovered as I realized I did not want to send my new client to another company for her website needs. This is where I began to do research and had an “ah ha” moment that still makes me money today. I became a website designer and hosting company. My brand, Michelle LeAnn, LLC expanded to adding Michelle LeAnn Hosting. This was exciting, from one decision, I was empowered to empower each of my clients and create a stream of passive income. Each client I consult was able to stay with the Michelle LeAnn brand by purchasing their website needs from Michelle LeAnn Hosting. As a full service hosting company, we provide domains, hosting, SSL Certificates, shopping carts, word press and much much more. This was a Win/Win scenario!

Now, each month I get a deposit into my business account from residual/passive income from clients (residual from renewals) and passive (from new purchases 24/7)! This is called expanding your means and creating additional streams! You can do the same. Whether it is designing, hosting, t shirts, etc. There is a passive income market with your name on it. If you happen to be a designer and want to get started on the road to keep your clients within your brand, you can go to my developer package website within Michelle LeAnn Hosting Developers and start your journey as a hosting company. We have two packages to choose from where you can provide website needs to your clients or provide hosting opportunities to new developers/designers. For your convenience, we have 24/7 Customer Service to answer your questions and get you set up efficiently at 480-624-2500 .

My next blog will include another resource to create passive income! This option is simple, easy to start and worth the investment. You will literally be in position to make money while you sleep. If it helps, it’s enjoyable and universal. I hope I’ve sparked your interest and you are ready to join me next week for the next resource blog. We are excited to serve you as E2 = Entrepreneur Empowerment!

Until Next Time, Always Remember,

Your Ideas Matter

~Michelle LeAnn

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