Finding Your Community

Finding Your Community

Finding Your Community

Have you found your community? Being an entrepreneur is an extremely unique journey that requires a special community to fulfill the many adventures that you take on a daily basis. There are ways to include others who have the capacity to handle your brilliant and innovative ideas and initiatives. There are a few ways to break down this process of community discovery. This blog has 3 areas to consider: 1.) Reprioritizing your needs, 2.) Intentionally pursuing meaningful connections and 3.) Getting moving now!

Reprioritizing Your Needs

Just face it, the only one who truly knows what your needs are is “YOU!” Therefore, you have to honestly evaluate where you are and what it takes to get you where you want to be. After the evaluation, you can plainly communicate them and start the building process.  The building process starts with attaching importance on each area based on priority. An example of a priority list can look something like this:

  1. Meditate 30 minutes each day
  2. Join a goals accountability group
  3. Create SMART goals around your desired destination in 1 year
  4. Eliminate activities that do not produce profits
  5. Live in your truth by setting boundaries and sticking to them

Intentionally Pursuing Meaningful Connections

Meaningful connections include those who “get” you! This can be a small group of people or a network of likeminded people moving in the same directions. These connections share like passions, intensity, and enthusiasm and drive to go to the next level.  Around this particular group of people, you do not have to do a ton of explaining, however, you find yourself gleaning and growing by leaps and bounds. You can be unapologetically “you!” Intentionally pursue connections that make your dreams shine brighter and brighter.

Getting Moving NOW, You Have The Power To Shape Tomorrow

Taking control of your time and starting “now” is the best way to produce more each day. You have the ability to shape tomorrow with the decisions you make today. The desires burning inside of you are there to spark you and propel you to the next level. A reminder that your best days are now and ahead. You deserve to see your dreams in reality and it starts with you moving now and with a sense of urgency. Get Moving, the world awaits your brilliance in motion!

Until Next Time, Always Remember, Your Ideas Matter!

Michelle LeAnn, Your Entrepreneur Empowerment Coach


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