My Life Is A Mood

My Life Is A Mood

My Life Is A Mood, an Entrepreneur “Mood” that it! As you know, there are many phases of entrepreneurship and sometimes the moods can fluctuate all in one day. We can start on top of the world, hit an all-time low then swing to a steady beat all before 12 noon. However, in the midst of the changes, the entrepreneurial spirit continues to go strong. These strong emotions/moods help balance out the ebb and flow of fulfilling your dreams.

My journey started with a mood! I had the mood to change and grow, led by a desire to take control of my financial destiny. I wanted to have a bigger say in my earning potential, therefore, I sought out ways to expand my means of living. This first expansion started with opening my very first business in December 2010 in Detroit, Michigan called LeAnn Bookstore, LLC. This store was a huge hit and met the needs of individuals in the market for books and supplies to attend continuing education courses. I had a fabulous support system and I soon learned that my “mood” would be a whirlwind of variations.

I started off extremely excited to get moving in the right direction. That excitement turned into extreme stress as the demand increased and the supply was coming in slower than expected. Then it turned into great joy on grand opening day when I had sales of over $1,800 in the first three hours. Those first hours served as a source of motivation. That motivation turned into heartbreak when six months into my journey, I was overtaken by a larger entity who had the primary rights to the space and I was forced to close the doors.

After closing the doors, my “bold” mood emerged and I was ready to strike back with a greater determination and reinvent the dream with a broader focus. I’ve continued my quest to conquer in this arena of Entrepreneurship. In later blogs I will unfold the many layers.  Again, My Life Is A Mood, an Entrepreneur “Mood” that is!

Until Next Time,

Always Remember, Your Ideas Matter

Your Entrepreneur Friend, Michelle LeAnn

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