Oscar Violence Chat, Will Smith And Chris Rock

Oscar Violence Chat, Will Smith And Chris Rock

Oscar Violence Chat, Will Smith And Chris Rock

Soo, I was minding my business and ran across some violence on the Oscars. When I discovered Will Smith and Chris Rock had a spat at the Oscar event last night, I just knew Chris cracked on Jada for the whole August stuff. Only to find out, he was simply being a “comedian!” Mind you, I watched the video several times and it yielded mixed feelings and a bit of confusion. I was not sure how to feel or process the events that took place. So, what did I do? I took a trip to the most reliable sources out there, “social media, LOL!” Here’s what I discovered:

Two Perspectives And Sources:

  • “I want a man like Will Smith.” No TF you do not! You do not want a man who cannot self-regulate, does not have coping mechanisms in place to deal with stressful situations, puts your safety and his, along with your livelihood, in jeopardy, and uses violence in the name of “love.” You absolutely DO NOT want that… Nicole Nikki of Facebook (here’s the post if you’d like to join the thread) https://www.facebook.com/diamondsandblackpearls/posts/10227167457950754
  • Will Will Will
  1. Will was wrong. Period!
  2. Will made the rest of the show awkward.
  3. Did anyone even hear QuestLove's acceptance speech? No, cause Will made the show all about his wife, toxic marriage and his need to prove his manhood after years of humiliation. We should be googling where we can watch Quest's documentary but his moment was completely overshadowed as though it didn't even happen.
  4. The fact that we are talking about the slap and not celebrating Will Packer's historic accomplishment of being the first African-American to produce the Oscar's let's you know Will was wrong.
  5. The Williams sister could not even comfortably celebrate the win because Will made everything awkward. He used their dad's legacy to defend what he did. That's not cool. and the tension in the room as the camera cut to them is further proof that Will was wrong
  6. If Will had not gone up there NO ONE would even remember the joke. That let's you know the reaction to it was an OVER reaction.
  7. If Jada is happy about what Will did then she's wrong and she's the problem (not the unfunny joke that half of us didn't even get anyways). Will won an Oscar and NO ONE is talking about that!!!!!!. We are debating him defending her.... We are talking about charges being pressed or not, and not about him WINNING AN OSCAR....say that out loud and tell me again he did the right thing
  8. Would Will have slapped Jimmy Kimmel, or a Caucasian comic? Would he have been allowed to sit there after slapping Will Ferrell?
  9. Comedians often push boundaries. How many Magic Johnson AIDS jokes have we all heard? Whitney Houston drug jokes? Heck, comedians joke about R Kelley urinating on a minor. If we start condoning violence every time a comic tells a tacky joke, then just shut down all comedy shows.
  10. Oh and you educators on here condoning violence in response to words better reconsider how you manage your classrooms
  11. I guess this is "Stand your Ground" celebrity version. I don't like it.
  12. Oh yeah... and Will won an Oscar.... crazy and sad how that's the afterthought


Angee Monford-Davis (here’s the post if you’d like to join the thread)


I believe this was absolutely unacceptable. Will went too far, and it was not an act of protecting his wife. It was assault. It was unprofessional and displays his inability to properly protect through intelligent dialogue. Many will say you never know what you would do in that situation. Actually, the average person with self-control absolutely knows what they would and would not do, and absolutely would not slap another person in that manner. Period. Prior to this morning, I though Jada was being expressive and shaving her head and did not know she was battling with alopecia. The Smith family is known for various show stopping behaviors and I believed that hair shaving was one of them prior to today. In a nutshell, let’s do better!

What sayest thou, good people?


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