Plan Your Selfcare

Plan Your Selfcare

Selfcare is extremely important and now more than ever, we must make it a priority. With that in mind, I’ve listed some of the amazing benefits of taking care of YOU! These benefits will get you excited about the self-care journey and empower you to get started today. You can do it; you deserve care just as much as those you are caring for each day. Let’s dive into some benefits:


Balance each day

Clarity of mind and thoughts

Preparation that increases performance

Recognition of patterns and focus to make changes

Intentional focus on mood, any anxiety, and stressors

Gratitude and appreciation for who you are and how important you are


Those benefits come from selfcare. Caring for yourself in such a way that you begin to notice what promotes your mental health and wellness. This process can start with a little as 10 minutes at the start of each day to focus on you. This focus can be whatever you decide it to be that helps you feel fully alive. Overtime this can increase to 30 minutes, then an hour and before you know it, you will have carved out a whole day frequently that is all about you. Also, there are an amazing amount of resources available to keep you in selfcare mode. Resources like visiting a qualified mental health professional, exercise programs/challenges, and self-care planners/journals.


To support the self-care journey, we are offering one of our Self Care Planners for only $2.99! This is our discount to you to help make life easier and more manageable. This offer is good from May 12th until June 11th. Simply enter the coupon code SELFCARE at checkout to get the selfcare planner for a penny less than three bucks. You can purchase it here >> . It’s a cool printable that has an amazing array of guided prompts to lend toward a balanced life centered around taking care of the awesome person you are inside and out. **Please note that this is not a substitute for seeing a health and wellness professional or does this provide medical advice.**


Well, it is a joy to share with each of you and be back soon for more cool updates and resources to share.


Warmest Regards,

Michelle LeAnn, Your E2 Coach

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