We Now Have An Etsy Shop (Yayyyyy)

We Now Have An Etsy Shop (Yayyyyy)

We Are Excited

Greetings Good People!

This is an exciting blog filled with cool news! We're On Etsyyyyyy. This is another launch in the right direction of creating another stream of income. Now, I have to keep it moving and grow the platform so I can get a return on my investment. It was super fun and easy to build. You can do the same and I'll give you a few tips below:

How I Started The Process

First, I created a maintained an online store through Shopify! I post t-shirts, accessories, courses and coaching sessions on my shop and it's going well.

These get the best reviews:



Next, I ventured to several new marketplaces and my latest adventure is an Etsy store. If you are interested in taking the additional stream of income journey, a great place to start is opening an online print on demand store. This can be done with a few integrations and cool sayings to put on products. 

Here's a shared google file with details on getting started with Shopify >> (Click Here) .  Also, the integration to make it print on demand is a cool app called Printful. You can find how to get started with Printful in the same shared google file >> (Click Here) . After you get your Shopify and Printful set up, you can move on to syncing your printful store to Etsy. That's yet another cool integration. 

Now, you may say, "this is a lot of carrying on" and I agree. That is why I have a cool coaching session called, "Your Business Launch!" In this session, I can help you on your journey to getting your business launched online. The first 20 minute consultation is on me :) You can check out my consultation calendar, here >>> E2 20 Minutes With Michelle LeAnn. This is all under my E2 = Entrepreneur Empowerment Department. I absolutely enjoy empowering entrepreneurs. It is very rewarding to empower others in fulfilling their goals and dreams. It's vision in motion! With that in mind, I hope we can connect either online, email or via a coaching session. 

Well, I guess that is a summary of the excitement over here. We are on ETSYyyyyy. Check us out>>. https://www.etsy.com/shop/WYNbyMichelleLeAnn 

Until Next Time,

Always Remember, Your Ideas Matter! 

Michelle LeAnn, Your E2 Coach 

E2 = Entrepreneur Empowerment


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 Creating Solutions Is My Superpower 

Creating Solutions Is My Superpower           

Let's Snuggle, Winter Is Coming

this blog contains affiliate links, #ads for cool companies I partner with in order to create additional streams of income. Fell free to schedule a coaching session to learn more about the affiliate marketing journey! E2 Coaching Sessions Can Be Scheduled >> (HERE)


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