Which Affiliate Program Is Best?

Which Affiliate Program Is Best?

How Affiliate Programs Work Income Empowerment Circle

How Affiliate Program Works?

This is one of the top questions for those who are looking to join an affiliate program. This is a great questions and it's usually pretty simple. You go to the site you would like to be a part of and click on their affiliate option (located at the top or in the footer). Once you get to their landing page, simply fill in your information. The company will send you an affiliate link to share. This link will be a copy and paste link that you can share with friends, family, your audience and even send in text messages and emails. Social media is a leading way to share as well. Some companies will provide promo material to share and a login portal with helpful resources. 

Which Affiliate Program is Best?

That's another top question for those seeking to get involved in an affiliate program. I believe the one that is best is the one that provides a quality offering and a great return. I've created an awesome one for the Income Empowerment Circle. Check out the details below:

  • Get up to $40.50/referral
  • Get paid weekly (minimum accumulated required)
  • Sign in portal to see your income
  • Promotional Material
  • Easy Sign Up

2 Easy Steps To Get Started

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Email affiliate@michelleleann.com from the same email address used to create your Gumroad account
  • Simply place in the email that you signed up for your gumroad account. You will receive a follow up email with some cool promo material and your custom QR code to share :) 

Other Details:

  • You will be sent an affiliate link to start sharing with others you think would be a great fit for the Income Empowerment Circle
  • Each Referral Earns You 15% of the package purchased
    • Monthly Package - $27 which earns you $4.05 
    • Quarterly Package - $67.50 which earns you $10.12 
    • Bi-annual Package - $135 which earns you $20.25
    • Annual Package - $270 which earns you $40.50
  • You have endless possibilities to earn income by referring others to the Income Empowerment Circle. The sky's the limit! You can get your income empowered TODAY. 
  • When you refer new customers to the Income Empowerment Circle, you will earn commission on all recurring revenue. This means you will earn commission every month for as long as the person you refer is subscribed to the Income Empowerment Circle.
    • Now that’s income empowerment in action :)

Whelp, that's all you need to start and become a superstar Affiliate with the Income Empowerment Circle. I thought this was the best affiliate program to share because it is always a great idea to empower your income and get the tools you need to be awesome sauce on the journey.

I hope this blog was information and provided some cool tools to use on your affiliate journey! Feel free to post your comments! ! ! 

Until Next Time, Always Remember, You're Awesome! 

Happy Earning :) 

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