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Create Your Own T-shirt Brand

Create Your Own T-shirt Brand

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Create Your Own Brand With E2 = Entrepreneur Empowerment.

This is the perfect combination of testing the opportunity or launching the opportunity. Either way, by the end of the workshop, you will have step by step instructions and resources to make your ideas a reality.

Trial Page

  • Earnings starting at $2/tee sold and $4/hoodie sold plus access to place your brand/logos on caps, accessories, and other clothing items with profits starting at $2+
  • We’ll create an intro campaign, E2 featuring “Your brand name!”
  • Promote Through Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Email Marketing)
  • Pre-order domain name at ML

Own Page

  •    Earn $4 and more/tee and $5+/hoodie
  •    Shopify free trial
  •    Domain from MLH
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